28 Agu 2021

Despite the long-time usage of precast for building element throughout the world, Indonesia remains one of the least precast using country for constructions application. Thus, efforts need to be done to induce market of the use of precast element as structural member from the design, construction process as well as the production methods. With the current advancement of precast member as structural member, it is possible to design the complete building using precast member, however this knowledge and understanding is still lacking for the member of the Indonesian construction industry. The term “Precast” still cast a doubt to building construction players (project owners, contractors, consultants etc.). there has been some “persisting belief” that precast method is not for Indonesia local condition, being seismic, archipelagic, and labor-intensive nation.

This webinar series is aimed to give new perspective and fact that the use of precast member as building elements is the good alternative for Indonesia ever increasing demand of building construction. The webinar series will be conducted in 7 sessions, with the first opening webinar session will be conducted jointly with fib-Indonesia (, and six webinars conducted with Civil Engineering Department, Petra Christian University (PCU), Surabaya, Indonesia. The Webinars series is sponsored by Rieckermann and Elematic.


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